Monday, May 18, 2015

Been Busy!

Oh, yes!  I've been busy indeed!

First off the Murarrie State School Organic and Craft Markets were great!  The day was gorgeously sunny and lovely - our first Winter's day too - and the crowds were bigger than last time. There were plenty of foodies there, as well as other great things for the kiddies to do - like a huge jumping castle!

We had a few stall owners who complained that they didn't know about the market until a few days before. 

Okay... I'm going to say something that might offend some people:  if you don't do you homework - you don't follow up on your inquiries and e-mails and look on Facebook - you're not going to know anything about where the market is.  Just sayin'.  We were informed that this market was postponed for two weeks.  We were told last week about it all still being on too... so when I showed up and everything was in full swing at 7:20am, I wasn't surprised to find parking difficult.

Even though I broke even, it was a lovely day.  It didn't rain until the very end, when we were all packing up, and even then, it was just a light shower and it went away. But we all had a wonderful day.

Earlier that week, I had found a great chair in my unit complex. It was all wrapped up and shoved into the recycling area up the back.  After unwrapping it with one of my neighbours, we looked at each other as a lovely chair was revealed. I asked if she wanted it; and she said no.  So I took it home.

Over the weekend, I've been moving it from one place to the next and sanding down the arms to prepare it for varnishing.  That was on Sunday.

Today, I Dad and I took to their place where I finished sanding it and put two coats of varnish on it... and wow!... what a difference this has made to it so far!

This week, I have to put on a couple of coats of clear top coat and then drop it off to the furniture guy to get cushions made for it... now that's going to be fun! And... well, by then, there'll be more photos to show off!  So, how was your week? Busy like mine?  Hope so!  Until my next post, keep creating!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Busy Times Ahead... And Now...

Wow... it's starting to get really busy really quick and it's at the right time of getting really busy too.

I have markets starting up fast, a new line of work being included into 'Crafty Pegs' at my markets and a recycle/reinvent challenge my craft group online have introduced for us to take part in which has just started up for me today.

Okay, how did that happen?  I found a chair at the back of my unit complex.  This chair wasn't just any chair.  It was all wrapped up, looking like it was going to be moved or had been delivered or something, and the people didn't want it; so they dumped it up the back still wrapped up.
Today, I happened to put out my rubbish and chat to a neighbour who was told me that her next door neighbours just dumped their crap there, and something that was wrapped up (and who would wrap something then dump it?).  So, I went over and looked at it, unwrapped it and - OMG! - what a gorgeous chair! 

Okay, it doesn't have its cushions and it does have a little wear and tear on it, but I who cares.  I'll fix all that needs fixing on it.

It's going to become my Reading Chair... and I love it that it's got all that wear on it; that means it's got history.

Otherwise, I've been knitting up a storm of dishcloths.  People love them.  I've got a commission to make three for a lady who is an artist at the gallery; and I'm currently halfway through the first dishcloth she's asked me to make for her.  Very cool.

Well, there you have it.  I'm busy, busy, busy.  But I'll keep you updated with the chair, photos of what's going on with it, and how pretty it's going to look too.  

And the market for this week is at Murrarie State School; it was postponed from 2nd May due to bad weather conditions.  This week, it'll be back on - without a doubt! - and I hope to see you there.  Until my next post, keep creating!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Working Up A Storm!

I've been working hard on my new line of dishcloths over the last month or so.  They've come up a real treat!  The display looks wonderful!

Dishcloth Display

And today, I got back into working on my actual Crafty Pegs workbench where I sat down and painted up some pegs and pencils to some good hard rock music. 

What a great afternoon! 

I painted up 3 pencils, got some pegs all sorted out and cleaned up a lot of plates in the fridge ready to be used over the next few months.

By the time all this got done, it was around 4pm and I had started at 1:30pm.  So, there was a fair bit of fiddly word done and I sat down and did at bit of knitting for another hour or so before getting in and figuring out what to have for dinner.

I've been knitting for the last 3 hours... now that's a lot of work between two different patterns and colours to be done.  Tomorrow, I'm off to Spotlight to find a few more counters for myself.  This is so I can do more patterns on other needles and get more done.  I have only one counter, and so if I want to get in and do another complex pattern I can't while I am using that one.  

Well, what have you been up to in your craft lately? Until my next post, keep creating!

NB:  The Murarrie State School Organic & Craft Markets were postponed over the weekend due to the harsh weather conditions preceding it.  It will be held, instead, on 16th, May from 9am - 2pm.  I will still be there.