Friday, April 26, 2013

I've Done Something Impulsive!

Yes!  Me!  Well... okay, I'm Little Miss Impulsive at the worst of times, but this time, I really don't know if I've stuck my foot in it or not.  

Okay, okay... I'll explain.

I'm a big daggy fan of 'Neighbours'.  Yep, Australia's longest running soap opera.  I've been watching it since it began - and given I missed a few years of it while I worked and was away living it up, but I caught up again within a few weeks.  I know the storyline and remember a lot of the cast right back to the beginning.  I even have the cards from the time of the original cast members when 'Neighbours' put out their cards with the cast on them.  I found them amongst a memory box Mum had put together of mine in high school; along with all my World Expo '88 stuff.
So, last week, as I watched my usual half-hour dose of it, I wondered if it would be really awful of me to send them a couple of dozen of my Crafty Pegs.  Would it be so bad to have my pegs used on their set?  No, I don't think so... actually it would be a lot of fun to see my art on their clothes line or used in one of the houses in the background.  Lots of fun actually.

This week, I looked up the address to post off something to the 'Neighbours' set and posted off two dozen of my pegs with instructions on how to care for them and a short letter on why I thought they'd like them.  
You see, the 'Neighbours' set has undergone a facelift and this is the perfect time for somebody like me to add a little something new to it, don't you think?  Now, I've posted them off, I can't wait to see how it all goes down at the set.  Well, I hope it goes well... 

The worse they can do is not use them and have somebody else take them home instead, right?  Until my next post, keep creating!