Saturday, March 30, 2013

Redilicious Designs!

I have found a wonderful jewellery designer who really needs to be plugged here as she has a brilliant gift to make gorgeous jewellery.
Kellie Smith is a lovely woman I went to high school with.  We were in the same form group and she was very cool then; and is still very cool now.  We lost touch over the years and it wasn't until our 20 year class reunion that we caught up and I found out she was designing jewelleryThen, we became Facebook friends and I saw some of her work.  But I wanted to get my hands on it first and enjoy it before I let anyone in on her stuff.
And now, I have a piece of hers, I want everyone to know of her great work.  Kellie shows and sells her work at a stall at markets around Brisbane and at a shop as well.  She's also on FacebookYou can purchase her works of wearable art - of any kind - through using your credit card or a bank transfer and she can post it off to you anywhere.  Kellie is most definitely an artist to watch as she has a great talent in this field. Until my next post, keep creating!    

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Work In Progress

I've been working a black'n'white painting here at Brighton; and it's been a great success.  I thought to share the progression with you all.  I'll begin with the oldest first and then work down until the most recent; and you can see how well it's gone.

First attempt

Second Sitting - 2 hours

Third Sitting - 2 hours

Forth Sitting - 1 1/2 hours

I used an easel outside with natural light.  This was a first for me to be outside and on my own for long periods of time; and I loved it.  What a great opportunity for me to get right into my art and painting and not be disturbed!  I'll be doing it again today too.  Until my next post, keep creating.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gerhard Richter's Work

Today, I'm watching a program about the brilliant artist, Gerhard Richter. I found this program by accident on my Zeebox app on my iPod and have found it a very interesting insight to a seasoned artist of is calibre.

During this hour and a half program the cameras have been permitted into his studios, his life and into his mind to show the true artist who has lived a lifetime through the paintbrush. I have noticed he's a very candid person who is direct in his interviews (which take place during this showin his large studio in Germany) as he sorts through old photographs on a large table. Every now and then, she camera shows a photo up close and you find it's of his family and himself.

This is a very in depth show of a wonderful Euopean artist. There are so many great ones out there we tend to miss them in the hubbub of everyday life. This particular show is two years old but I still enjoyed watching it.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh My Beads

I'm back here in Brighton minding my brother's house for a week or two while he and his partner are in New Zealand on holidays.  So, yesterday, I thought to take off and have a wander around the local area to see what shops were up the road as I had spotted a bead store not far from here; and wanted to see what it was like.

My Beads is a lovely little shop situated on Nathan Street in a gorgeous old-style building.  The doors are the first thing I noticed.  They are old-fashioned French-style doors with large, metal handles on them.  And, but once inside, the old-fashioned feeling stays with you.  There are beads in every isle in their own little individual bowls so your choice is easier.  The walls are covered in them, the owner has lined the walls with strings of crystals and chains - depending on what you'd like to make.  
I found a massive selection of glass pendants and silver and pewter charms and pendants as well; all in their own area and bottles all waiting for the right person to put them with the right necklaces.  There were also ready-made pieces there as well at very reasonable prices - much cheaper than you'd find in jewellery stores or art galleries, by far!  

The owner of the store is wonderful and very helpful as well.  She knows what the names of all the crystals are, what's in stock, what is coming in as well if they'll be able to get what you're looking for and when; so you're not left hanging for something you may not be able to find.

My Beads is a wonderful little source for all your beading and jewellery needs.  They not only sell the chains, links and joinery for your necklaces, but they also sell the tools you need to get your hobby off the ground as well.  This is a wonderful store to get yourself to.  It's here at Brighton and is well worth a look at; or if you can't get here, they have a website where you can win prizes and gifts if you spend over a  certain amount of money.  I even bought a piece there and put it together for under $10!  It's this wonderful necklace and I love it.  Until my next post, keep creating!