Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Bigger One Begun.

There's another one I've been looking at doing; and finally I got into it.  And here's the first photo of it.  I'm thinking of calling it 'Love of the Written Word' or 'The Written Word'... I'm not sure yet which title; but it'll  be one of those two.

Love, Hate and Vampires

As promised, I have photos of the finished product of my smaller collage for you to see.  This one is all about the love and hate of relationships in all it's shapes and sizes; from real life through to mythology.  Most of the colour of it has to do with how the human heart is involved and blood.
In love our hearts are involved and they rule most of the relationship.  However, they break and shatter so easily that it's when we see red.  Hate can also make us see red in many different ways; in revenge and murder.  Then, there's the mythology of it all where blood is the life force of all vampires.  They need it to live and have a hunger for it all the time. 

So, the colour red in this collage means a lot in it.  Yet, there's the darkness in the background that holds all meaning for everyone.  Enjoy.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Progress - Slowly But Surely

I've been working on my 'Love, Hate and Vampires' collage and as I left it alone for a little while.  And so last night, I gave it go while watching a movie on television (my DVD player's broken).  And look how far it's come from the first photo of the first work on it.
I'll install a finished product here with all the photos of progress from beginning to end; so you can all see where it came from and how it finished up.